Sunday, June 8, 2008

Five Things We Learned in Swissaustria Today, June 7th

1. Swiss goalframes are thicker than normal
How many players hit the woodwork today? Johan Vonlanthen must have thought he’d equalized for Switzerland but found the frame instead, Cristiano Ronaldo bounced a great free kick off the base of the far post and Nuno Gomes headed against the crossbar. Those things can’t be regulation.

2. Jan Koller is auditioning for White Men Can’t Jump II
He’s 6′7″ and renowned for his aerial dominance. But Swiss defenders Patrick Mueller and Philippe Senderos beat him to pretty much everything today. I’d still back Koller against Wesley Snipes though.

3. You can take the Brazilian out of Brazil…
…but you can’t take Brazil out of the Brazilian. Here’s Pepe’s goal today.

Not bad for a big central defender, eh? If only I’d had the foresight to put him in my Euro 2008 Draft Team and win a day off work courtesy of my co-bloggers. Oh wait, I did!

4. Roberto Rosetti should do the rest of his reffing in Austria
The Italian ref won’t be a popular man in Switzerland today. He turned down two penalty appeals for Tomas Ujfalusi handballs.

5. It’s still 1992.
Czech Republic were referred to as “Czechoslovakia” on both the BBC and ESPN today. Good news for Slovakia though, as they weren’t expecting to be involved.

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