Saturday, May 25, 2013

Free Trial HyppTV for Streamyx User

I received a letter from TM state that I've been selected to participate in a special Free trial HyppTV. I be the 1st group of selected customers who will get to sample this service with Streamyx. 

Under this trial, I will receive 81 TV Channels comprising great entertainment content that in many cases has not been seen in Malaysia before. This Free trial will run from 16 May to 8 July 2013. 

1. Collect HyppTV set-top- box from designated TMpoints(closest to you)
2. Install via very simple Do-It-Yourself(DIY) basic.

LiangChai有幸可以试免费产品. 当然不会错过咯.

一大早带着TM letter, 就去附近指定的TM Point签收免费 HyppTV set-top box. 

TM Customer Service 会复印 IC 一份, 然后填上我们的Streamyx User IC 以及个人资料就可以领取HyppTV SET-Top Box.

For new streamyx@tvos 户口, 需要等 48个小时activate. TM point 会SMS 通知 tvos username和password. 然后就可以起动 HyppTV了.

Step 1:  Login password : 8288 (这个是default password for Login setting)
Step 2: Connect to network Lan or Wifi (自己做连接)
Step 3: IPTV setting, 填 login name (xxx@tvos & password) 
Step 4. Connect HyppTV channel 就可以了.

接下来就慢慢欣赏免费Channel 啦.



  1. Step 1: Login password : 8288 (这个是default password for Login setting)q

  2. 嗨,我的Hypptv是第一代的,当时我是打电话去TM hotline 询问得到的。我想最新的版本应该不需要这的password了。


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