Friday, February 6, 2015

Urgent! Your HOTLINK registration is incomplete!

我是Hotlink Prepaid 用户。

最近收到Maxis SMS 通知 :

URGENT! Your Hotlink registration is imcomplete. Pls walk in to any Maxis Centres or Maxis Exclusive Partner (MEPs) to update info, failing which your line will be barred on 10/02/2015.

读了这张SMS, 害我紧张, 赶紧抽空时间去Maxis Centre 走一趟。

Walk in 到 Customer Service Counter 告诉她我遇到的问题。Customer Service Counter Staff 查了查然后告诉我,Your account was active. Actually是Maxis Server出问题,胡乱发 SMS。害我虚惊一场,害怕我的number就此被 Barred掉。

Staff: 如果你不放心,I help you re-update your information. OK?
LiangChai : 好的。
Staff: Done, if you received same sms again, kindly call hotlink hotline 123 to check.
LiangChai: Thank You.

今天我又收到相同的SMS, 火了。直接Call 123。

Staff : Dear Sir, if you already walk in to maxis center then you can ignore this sms. 
LiangChai: 无言。。。。心想TMD, Maxis and Maxis 没有好好沟通。太闲空了,发这样的SMS。 白白浪费我们的时间。闲。。。。。。。挂线。不鸟了。

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