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12 Zodiac Forecast 2012 彭鐘樺大师讲解2012生肖运势


Unlucky stars are shining on our friends who born in the year of Rat. There will be more bad than good. Avoid major changes in your life. The presence of the unlucky Wu Gui star means you will encounter nasty people, plenty of gossip, serious injury, and be framed at work. Your mood will be full of ups and downs. With the unlucky Guan Fu star bothering you, you might lose money or even get into some legal troubles. Be extra careful when signing contracts or agreements, to prevent minor loopholes from getting you into legal troubles. Fortunately, with the lucky San Tai star shining on you, you can overcome your difficulties in the later half of the year. Act cautiously and you will be able to pass this eventful year..


The Tian De star shines on our friends who born in the year of Ox . You will receive help from people the entire year. There will be new opportunities to get recognised and develop your career. At the same time, with the unlucky Gou Jiao star shining on you, not everything will go well, as some nasty people might work against you, so watch out for the unexpected. With the lucky Tai Yin star on your side, you will receive help in your career from some ladies, who will help uncover your potential. This year the Ox sign is in disagreement with the Tai Sui. With the Wu Qu star in the realm of illness, expect major surgery or financial loss. You need to take extra precaution against these..


The Yi Ma star shines on friends who born in the year of Tiger. This means there are opportunities to be found abroad. So long as you are willing to take chances and work hard, you will do well when you are abroad. With the unlucky Sang Men star shining on you this year, guard yourself against tragic incidents. Drivers, please be on your guard, as drunk or reckless driving will only cause you harm. The influence of unlucky stars will also affect the fortune of your family. Another unlucky star is the Diao Ke star, which will leave you prone to squabbles. There will be trouble even if you did not offend anyone. Remember that silence is golden. Talk less and do more, and you could quell the danger. If you want to be successful, you need to learn to be flexible..


With the Tai Yang star shining on you this year, Men who born under zodiac sign of hare will see an active boost in their career development, and they should exploit this. Rabbit ladies should upgrade themselves; this is a year for study. This year you will be plagued with gossip by people who are envious of your success. Although your career will progress well, you are very much on your own, as you will not receive much help from people when in need. For hare ladies, it is time to think differently this year. Although the Year of the Dragon will not be too good for Rabbit ladies, There is room for improvement and change. With the incursion of the unlucky Tian Kong star this year, Hare friends will find themselves easily irritated, Your emotions will be as unpredictable as the weather. Your emotions may affect your career and family fortune, and you may act irrationally. Take note and change accordingly..


People who born in the year of Dragon will find either great joy or trouble this year, due to the effect of the Tai Sui star. With many unlucky stars shining on you, there will be mixed blessings.
It is best to hold your ground and be cautious in whatever you do. More importantly, be magnanimous toward people and give yourself space to manoeuvre, or you might be prone to failure or obstacles. This year, due to the Jian Feng star, your mood and temper will fluctuate greatly. Remember to keep cool and do not be rash. With the unlucky Fu Shi star shining on you, health problems must not be taken lightly. In addition to taking precautions against work-related injuries and traffic accidents, you should also beware of diseases that affect the heart, liver and gall bladder. Although the Hua Gai star is lucky, it represents pride and solitude, which means Dragon friends are very much on their own this year; they might even enjoy the time they have to themselves. There is little sense of security when it comes to people or things, so it may be a good idea to make plans for the future..


The movement of the Hong Luan star means this is a great year for romance for our friends who born under the zodiac sign of Snake this year. Expect marriages and joyous events. Those whose careers are in entertainment, beauty, fashion, food and beverage will be successful this year. With the incursion of the Bing Fu star this year, your health will not be too well for the entire year. You will easily feel tired and weak, and your state of mind will be poor. Try your best to avoid going out too frequently, and be extra careful when engaging in dangerous outdoor activities. Get more rest and avoid working through the night, to prevent problems to your liver. The Tian Sha star will bring trouble. You may be drawn into other people’s troubles and be implicated as an innocent party. This may also affect your superior’s opinion of you, so your good work might go unnoticed. It will be difficult for your career to recover after such a blow, and this could lead you to consider changing your job. But it is unwise to make such a major move this year. It is best to keep your cool, bide your time and wait for the right opportunity..


This year, your fortune will not be as good as last year’s. Unlucky stars such as the Tian Gou and Diao Ke stars will plague you this year, and you have only one lucky star, the Di Jie star, on your side, making this year rather low on fortune. The road ahead will be bumpy, and you will not be in the best of health. Be in touch with reality and stick with what you have. Do not harbour high hopes, proceed one step at a time, and stay calm when dealing with things. Abide by the law, be savvy and protect yourself, and steer clear of legal troubles. Do not act as a guarantor for anyone, and be careful not to unintentionally do bad things out of good motives, or you might get tangled in trouble..


With lucky stars such as the Tian De and Fu De stars watching over you this year, your fortune will be smooth sailing. You will receive help when you need it, and things will go as you desire. This year’s fortune will be better than last year’s. Expect improvements in your career, wealth, romance and health. Seize opportunities and you will be delighted by your reward. Although fortune will be with you this year, you will be troubled by the minor Juan She and San Xing stars, so you might easily be the target of gossip, but this is only a minor bump in a year of good fortune..


The unlucky Bai Hu and Tian Sha stars will shine on you this year, draining you of your fighting spirit. With only the minor Hua Gai and San He lucky stars on your side, your fortune is overall in decline. Unpleasant things will come your way, especially where your health is concerned. Health problems could easily emerge. Hold your ground this year, avoid direct clashes with your unlucky stars, and your career, wealth, romance and health will slowly recover. You will slowly find a secure way out of this crisis..


With last year’s bad luck behind you, People who born in the year of Rooster can take this year in your stride. With the lucky Zi Wei, Long De and Di Jie stars on your side, your fortune and position will improve this year. Good things will happen at home, luck will return to your family, and people will help you when you need. Although the unlucky Bao Bai and Tian E stars are in your realm, their negative effects are quelled by major lucky stars, so your career, wealth and romance will be even better than last year. You will be able to overcome any obstacles you face. Rooster friends should treasure this opportunity..


People who born in the year of Dog will clash with the Tai Sui in this troubled year. There could be plenty of struggles. Your temper will be bad and your mood will fluctuate greatly the entire year. In addition, with the unlucky Sui Po and Yue Sha stars acting against you, your career, romance and health will be met with obstacles this year. Thankfully, the merciful heavens will send the lesser lucky stars Yue En and Di Jie to help you out in this year of troubles. The start and middle of whatever you do will be met with difficulty, but you will be able to head off danger, and prevail successfully in the end..


With the lucky Yue De and Tian Xi stars shining on you, there will be improvements in your career, wealth and romance. When buying property or moving house, seize the moment and you will be rewarded. But with unlucky stars such as the Xiao Hao and Si Fu stars entering your realm, there is still cause for worry in a good year. Wealth will tend to flow out easily, so manage your finances carefully, spend within your means, and do not let your guard down. Pay close attention to your health, and you need not have to worry about unexpected problems later.

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