Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dell Latitude D630

这台D630 电脑是我第一架手提电脑(LAPTOP),不知不觉我已经用了一年半++.这个电子年代,少了电脑真的不行.随着科技的发达,很多资料只需按一个纽,就出现在眼前.真的很方便 ^^

前几天电脑的电池一直Alert, Please find a replace battery.电池不能耐了. 挨呀,又要花钱了.刚好
在找到了,好开心.直接联络当事人,成交了.花了RM120, 呵呵...希望这个新battery
能tahan lasak. ^^

Below is the battery detail that i bougth:
Dell 9-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery
This is a 9 Cell Extended lithium ion rechargeable Primary Laptop Battery.
Latitude: D620, D630.
Compatible Notebook Models:

Precision: M2300
Dell Part Numbers: TC030, RC126, PC764,

Product Specifications:
Rating: 11.1V
Capacity: 85Wh (7800mAh)
Cell: 9 Cell
Size: 11.39" x 3.65" x 0.78"
Color: Black-Grey
Technology: Lithium-ion

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