Friday, July 13, 2012

Northern Music Festival 2012 14-15 JULY - Quarry Park, Penang Botanical Garden. Penang

Northern Music Festival 2012 is the next platform for local independent bands to showcase their music and talents. Featuring over 40 bands in two days, audiences will get to enjoy a mix of music from local indie bands from all over Malaysia.

This first installation of NMF2012 will showcase the best Malaysian indie bands like Love Me Butch, Incarnation, Dichi Michi, The Padangs, Tres Empre, Hello Is This The Band, An Honest Mistake and many more.

NMF2012 also features a fashion bazaar creating a flea market-like atmosphere, having tents foreach band to sell merchandise; independent record labels, magazine publishers, non-profit organizations, and sponsors who are looking to market their products to the tour’s audience. Fans can get the chance to meet with their favorite bands and get their autographs at these tents.

NMF2012 is partnering with Georgetown Festival 2012 to make this festival bigger and exciting. We’re also bringing the world’s largest short film festival, TROPFEST to this festival. The idea is to unite both music and short film lovers.

Northern Music Festival hopes to be the next sought after concert brand for indie and local music fans in the northern region of Malaysia.

Enjoy True Music lads!!!

Venue : Quarry Park, Penang Botanical Garden. Penang, MALAYSIA
Date : 14-15 July 2012
Admission :RM20 1 Day / RM35 2 Day

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Love Me Butch

Main Acts
Hello Is This The Band
The Padangs
Dichi Michi
An Honest Mistake
Tuan (Thailand)
I, Revival
Bob The Sausage
Tres Empre

Supporting Acts
Reset To Zilch
Yellow Submarine (Thailand)
The Eightyfour
HWC Band
Azure For Janne
Zip Zieller

New Acts
Time And Tide 
I Lost The Plot
The Last Son 
Heart A Tack

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